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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kelly Rae Roberts

When I was getting back into art, meaning finally listening to that voice in my head, as well as having some clear signs that it was time, I came across this artist: Kelly Rae Roberts.

I was walking in a store and her book jumped out at me, okay not really...I actually bumped into the rack and it fell on the floor, so I'm a little clumsy, anyway....I took a closer look and really loved her style. Here's where it gets weird...I opened it up and on the page that I opened to there was a picture of one of her pieces and across the piece was the word..."harmony" (my name, in case you're new here:). So, the book was talking to me...stranger things have happened, right?? Maybe??? Needless to say I bought and devoured the book. I sent her an E-mail about my experiences that lead me back to art and to her book and she was kind enough to reply.

For Christmas I completed 2 pieces of art work inspired by her style. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the one I did for my sister. Please check out her blog...it is both inspiring and heartfelt.

Good Night. Good Art.


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