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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mixed Media (similar to Kelly Rae's Style...see older post)

This is the picture I did and gave to my sister for Christmas...It was very fun!
Mixed Media Used: Paper, oil and acrylic paints, paint pens,

Close up. I used the words, "Interesting and unconventional" because my sister is one of a kind :)
Also, wanted to say "Hi" to my 1 follower Chrissy. I think you deserve some sort of prize...i'll have to think of something. Thanks for following, hopefully you won't be all alone for long.


  1. That is sweet! You don't have to do anything! I love art...I wish I was good at it!!

  2. I love this! Was kind of hoping it was for sale when I saw it on your other blog :-) So glad you are following your passion -- you certainly have a lot of talent, and I am excited to follow what you do here!

  3. Harm! i just found this blog...how did I miss it!?! I LOVE this painting...I'm a big fan of mixed media. One day you'll have to write about Elias Sime :-) but mainly just keep posting your own work...I love! and YES--we'll see you on the 31st!

  4. I'm so disappointed that you're not selling this! It's fantastic!!

  5. I just think this is such a fabulous art piece Harm! Super duper! You are talented!