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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Painting and Ethiopia Decoration on Etsy

I made these around Christmas and called them ornaments and now that Christmas is over I am calling them "Decorations" :) A couple pictures down is an example of how to display them year round. This one has a heart over Ethiopia....They would make great Valentine's Day presents :) Thanks for your support.


This is a shadow box frame from Michael's craft store. It even came with the pin to hang it with :) This way you can display it all year round.

This sweet mixed media painting just went up on Etsy. I was thinking about my friend that I miss when I started painting it but it transformed into a Mother/Daughter image. It has gold leafing (how do you say that?:) that really makes it stand out. Other materials include: Acrylic and oil paint, papers, glue, ink, graphite, paint pens. It is 8 x 10 and listed at $35 and $5 for shipping. Here is the Etsy link:


Would love some suggestion on subject matter for my next art piece. Adoption art?? Nature?? People?? Inspiring words in the art?? Tell me what style you are drawn to?? I definitely paint from my heart and not to please others, but I am always interested in what others are drawn to.


  1. How about something inspired by adoption -- especially transracial adoption? I've had that on my mind... to find some art pieces that reflect the family we will become...

  2. Btw, we have our Ethiopia "decoration" now hanging in our living room... love it.

  3. We have a picture of the word HOPE in our living room. Anything that would go along with the feeling of hope???